Luk Foumtizia sp.
Ex. coll. Danekræsamlingen, SNM, København. - Photos ©: Gilles Cuny

DK 728(2) Foumtizia Foumtizia
Foumtizia sp., labial view (SEM).
Foumtizia sp., lingual view (SEM).

Foumtizia Foumtizia

Foumtizia sp., distal view (SEM).
Foumtizia sp., apical view (SEM).

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Se DK 728(2) i Statens Naturhistoriske Museum, Danekræsamlingen.

Referencer og Litteratur

2014 Carlsen, A.W. & Cuny, G. A study of the sharks and rays from the Lillebælt Clay (Early Middle Eocene) of Denmark, and their palaeoecology.

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